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Never put your faith in a packet of pills.
Put it into the qualifications of the people who prescribe them.
That's our firm belief.
At the head of our company we are fully qualified NHS pharmacists.
Qualified to prescribe.
And qualified to dispense.

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Express Pharmacy Reviews

At Express Pharmacy, we take customer service seriously and we are proud of the great feedback we've received from our customers.


Service rating : I really appreciate the prescription check and the communication with ones GP. And of course the very prompt delivery following the placing of an order.
Product : I have already written about this in the previous section

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Service rating : Excellent service!
I did wonder if I needed to pay postage on two items going to I same address, especially as they arrived in the same package, but I couldn't find anyway of ordering more than one item at a time on your website.
Product : Worked well! Did what it says on...

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Service rating : Excellent hassle free service I’ve used many times.
Product : Works for me. What more can I say.

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