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Harman Bhamra

Commercial Director/acting Head of eCommerce


Harman is a marketing and communications professional with a track record for brand management and eCommerce. Harman grew up working in community pharmacy, which was the family business. After graduating from university, Harman spent the early part of his career working in Geneva, Switzerland in Diplomacy and Humanitarian Affairs, Harman returned to the UK to join Express Pharmacy and successfully launch the online pharmacy website in 2014.

Areas of expertise

In addition to the development of the Express Pharmacy website, Harman has been heavily involved in the development of a number of technology-led tools and applications to improve operational efficiencies within the pharmacy. Harman also led the launch of Express Travel Clinic, which operates out of the the community pharmacies in London. He says:

“I am a keen advocate of service-led pharmacy, providing people with an alternative to busy GP surgeries and clinics. Our qualified pharmacists are highly trained and able to offer advice, guidance and prescriptions relating to many conditions and issues. Our private travel clinic is just one example of how we can offer high quality service married with convenience to our local community.”

Staying healthy

Outside of his work life, Harman is a ranked and competing brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He also plays football and is a regular gym-goer, placing particular emphasis on stability and strength training.

Interesting fact:

“Intermittent fasting is a quick and easy way to help regulate your body’s sugar levels and gives your liver a well-deserved rest. Once a week, try eating your last meal at 8pm and then restrict yourself to just water until at least 8am the following morning.”