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Johanna Galyen

Nurse, medical writer and marriage blogger


Over a 16-year career in nursing, Johanna has helped thousands of patients in Internal Medicine, Neuro Trauma Medical Surgery, Emergency Rooms and Tele-health. A graduate of Bob Jones University in South Carolina, Johanna became a medical writer to further her passion for helping others and increasing understanding about important health conditions.

Areas of expertise

Johanna’s nursing career has been varied, giving her extensive experience in a number of different areas. From treating stroke victims to paediatrics; road traffic accident victims to charitable mission work, Johanna is well placed to advise on a host of different medical fields.

Her work across mobile clinics in India and Chile also give Johanna a unique perspective on travel health and the healthcare infrastructure in different parts of the world.

She says,

“As a medical writer I have had the opportunity to share my experience and also cover many of the fields that interest me. Just some of these include cardiac health, depression, autoimmune disease and sexual health.”

Staying healthy

Johanna says,

“As a work-at-home momma to four children, I look for an exercise that allows me some quiet time and refreshes me. We live in a quiet neighborhood, so I put in my earbuds and get a fast-paced workout around the block while listening to my favorite podcasts.

“I also enjoy yoga to help with those weird aches and pains that most mothers seem to get. After years of breastfeeding and carrying toddlers around on my hips, yoga helps to straighten out those kinks and even provide some peace of mind as well. I call it a win-win!”

Little known health fact:

“Gluten-free foods are popular and may seem “healthier.” But this is not a diet trend for those who are suffering from gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease; it has to become a way of life. Surprisingly, gluten-free foods can taste delicious. Too often the stigma of gluten-free foods is that they taste weird or different.

“When I was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue, in 2011, I tasted a lot of terrible gluten-free foods. But with some ingenuity and my mother’s determination in me, I taught myself how to make meals that are healthy and luscious. You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted my Devil’s Food Black Forest Cake topped with cherries. It is simply divine!”