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Marina Abdalla

Senior nutritionist


Marina is a graduate of the London Metropolitan University with a BSc in Human Nutrition. She is also a trained phlebotomist (drawing blood for clinical testing, transfusions and donations) and her key area of interest is the correlation between clinical science and the effects of nutrition on the body’s systems.

Over the course of her career, Marina has worked not only in pharmacy environments but also in Harley Street weight loss clinics.

Areas of expertise

Marina’s passion for combining medicinal care with nutritional advice enables her to take a more holistic approach to patient support. She says:

“While it may seem to be something of a contradiction for someone working in a pharmacy environment, I am a firm believer that prevention is better than a cure. While there are undoubtedly a time and place for prescription medication, there is also a huge amount to be gained from consistent self care – paying a close attention to diet and nutrition.

“Often I am asked about nutrition in terms of weight loss, but good nutrition is about much more than calorie counting. In fact, getting the right balance of nutrients in the body is fundamental to our resistance to illness.”

Staying healthy

Marina says,

“For the past few years I have started the day with a cup of warm water with half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, honey and lemon juice. This helps detox the body, boost the immune system and kick-start the metabolism.”

Interesting fact:

“Exercise gives you more energy. Even when you’re tired!”