We all want our holiday to last forever, but when the time does come for you to return to work here’s how to do it safely.

Nobody likes going back to work after a holiday, but it’s important that when we do return to work, we do so with 100% focus. Not only will this improve our productivity, it can also help keep us safe and healthy once we’re back in the workplace. So what do you need to do to keep yourself safe once you get back to work?

Tackle your distraction

One of the hardest things about returning from a holiday is focussing your mind on work again. It’s all too easy to daydream about the fantastic holiday you’ve just had, but this can put you more at risk of safety hazards and dangers to your health.

This is particularly true of manual professions, where keeping yourself safe requires you to pay constant attention to your surroundings. Even simple tasks like lifting boxes can be dangerous if you don’t pay attention to the way you’re arranging your body — for example, you should always bend you knees when lifting heavy items to take pressure off your back.

Re-establish your routine

When you’re on holiday, all routine tends to go out the window. You can sleep as much as you like, eat delicious food every day and probably drink a little more than you should. But once you’re back at work, it’s important to re-establish your old routine so that your body and your mind can return to ‘work mode’.

Health and wellbeing demands a consistent and conscientious routine. This means that returning to work and domestic life requires you to re-establish your usual sequence of events. This is true of your eating habits, your sleeping pattern and your behaviours at work itself. Being on holiday might have left you used to going to bed late, but making sure you get enough sleep and eating regular, balanced meals is a key health factor once you get back.

Consider the specific hazards of your workplace

Having a break from the workplace can make you forgetful when it comes to the specific hazards your work environment poses. Even simple things like a leaky kettle or sharp desk corner are factors that you’ll have to remind yourself to consider in your daily habits.

For office workers, think about the health concerns associated with too much sitting, which can have a negative impact on your spine and posture and has even been shown to increase your likelihood of developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes. Remember to take regular breaks from your desk, even just a stroll to the bathroom or to get a drink.

For manual workers, there can be a host of potential hazards present depending on your specific environment. In fields such as building or engineering it’s particularly important to remind yourself of the threats to your safety and health which surround you every day.

Address any health concerns

Even though it’s not an excuse, an upcoming holiday can sometimes prevent people from addressing any minor health concerns for fear it’ll result in having to delay or even cancel their trip abroad. Now that you’re back in the swing of things, it’s time to consider any nagging health queries you might have and get the answers you need.

Take a few minutes to get in touch with a GP or contact our own online pharmacy team using the Live Chat tool. Not only will this help you to get on the road to recovery, but it’ll also give you back your peace of mind and allow you to give 100% when you return to work.