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5 of the Most Common Myths About Hair Loss

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Hair loss treatmentBy the age of 50, two thirds of men around the globe are estimated to suffer from some form of hair loss. It's hardly surprising then that men spend an estimated $3.5 billion on various forms of hair loss treatments and prevention techniques.

But much of the theory surrounding hair loss is often based on misconceptions and a misguided understanding of what causes a gentleman to become follicly challenged.

Here are the 5 of the most common myths that need to be straightened out (no pun intended).

Balding only happens to older people

Myth. Signs of baldness can be visibly seen with older people so this must be true right? False. The truth is that hair loss can begin in a person’s teen years and actually occurs most commonly with people in their twenties and thirties.

Wearing a hat or cap will make it more likely for you to lose hair

Myth. Other than a severe case of hat hair, wearing caps won’t really do much to your hair because they don’t affect your hair follicles. Balding or bald men typically wear hats because they are self-conscious which is most likely the reason why people associate wearing hats with baldness.

Baldness is inherited from your mother’s side

Mostly myth. While it is true that baldness is inherited, it doesn’t have to be strictly from your maternal grandfather. People typically inherit a mix of hair genes from both sides of the family and even if your maternal side has no history of hair loss but your paternal side does, then there’s a chance your hair could thin with age.

Stress can be a cause of hair loss

Mostly myth. Many health conditions can be attributed to stress but hair loss isn’t typically one of them. While people can develop medical conditions attributed to stress that result in hair loss, such as Telogen Effluvium, stress alone is not thought to contribute to baldness.

For more information on causes of hair loss, the NHS' guidance on hair loss is a helpful source of information.

You can prevent the onset of hair loss by changing lifestyle

hair loss medicationMyth. The truth is that hair loss for most men begins with miniaturization - a process that occurs when your hair progressively begins to produce thinner, shorter and more brittle hair. While scientific advancements and surgeries are now used to reverse the effects of hair loss, actually avoiding problems with your follicles altogether is not possible through diet, behaviour or lifestyle changes.

The good news is that there are a few solutions for men who have begun to experience balding. If you are concerned about hair loss, the best course of action is to consult your pharmacist and gain advice on proven treatments such as Propecia.

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