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5 Simple Steps to Quit Smoking

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If you are a smoker you have probably heard the gruesome facts about the impact it is having on your body a million times or more. And your friends, family and doctor have no doubt encouraged you to quit. But kicking the habit is tough, and it doesn't matter how much you want to give up your nicotine fix, you just can't seem to get a clean break.

So, how should you go about quitting this time? Here are 5 tried and tested methods to getting giving up smoking.

1. Establish your goals and set an actual quit date. It seems obvious but an official quit date can be a great motivator, a way of drawing a line under the past and a benchmark for future success - so you know when to celebrate your anniversary every year afterwards. Set up a chart or program to record your progress. Visual representations can go a long way. Work on your goal one day at a time and focus on the present.

2. Set up a support group. It is very important to let your family, friends, and co-workers know about your goals and plan of action. Many people fear sharing their efforts because they feel that they will be letting others down if they fail to quit. But studies have shown that letting others know about your established plans gives you more of a reason to follow through and accomplish them. And other smokers will know not to tempt you by inviting you out on their next cigarette break.

3. Avoid smokers and associated situations. Temptation can be a cruel and deadly mistress. The seductive smell of fresh tobacco is enough to crumble anyone’s resolve to quit. The best solution for anyone who cannot resist tempting situations is to avoid themaltogether. This may require a bit of planning if you have a favourite pub, bar or restaurant with a designated smoking section.

4. Download a Quit-smoking App. With the age of technology upon us, a great cost effective solution would be to go to your phone’s app store and download a quit-smoking app from a wide selection of free ones available. You can personalize your quit smoking plan and they also offer the virtual support you would need to kick the habit for good. Cool featuresinclude showing you your cigarette smoking reduction percentage, your financial gain and the number of hours you’ve tacked on to your life since quitting.

5. Invest in stop-smoking medication.Research has established that combining your quitting methods with medication is an effective way of helping smokers give up for good. Sometimes willpower alone isn’t always enough, but used in tandem with the other strategies above, medications such as Champix are proven to help achieve long-term smoking cessation.

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