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7 Wacky Hair Loss Treatments You Should Brush Aside

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From short curls to wavy locks, hair has always been an important source of self-esteem throughout the ages. But as they say: hair today; gone tomorrow.

Some people tend to lose hair faster than normal due to age and genetics.Of course being the resourceful humans we are, strange methods of hair loss treatments have cropped up all over the globe. Here are 7 of the craziest ones used today.

Bull semen.An exotic treatment dreamed up in a country far, far away? No. This one started right here in the UK. Aberdeen organic bull semen treatments are actually popular in salons all over London because the odorless, colourless concoction apparently holds restorative and hair strengthening qualities.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been proven with any certainty so the only satisfaction likely is to be the bull himself.

Onions. This route may smell funny but the theory behind this one is a little more sound. Studies have established that sulphur is beneficial for hair health so it seems only natural that the high sulphur content and anti-bacterial properties found in onion juice would do the trick.

Again, there is very little clinical evidence that this should be your go-to treatment, though, and it is a quick way to leave your those in your company in floods of tears.

Ginger. The other root veggie that appears on our menu of wacky recipes, ginger is used as a hair loss treatment in many Asian nations. It's not completely understood why ginger should be considered a miracle cure, so we advise you save it for your cooking instead.

Beer.Tippinga good pint on your hair leaves a residue of barley and hops on the strands of hair, which adds body and weight. Sadly, dousing your hair will only make it appear thicker and the accompanying smell is less than desirable.

Monistat. The fancy title for yeast infection cream, this method is growing in popularity because it apparently creates a healthy environment for the scalp which could boost the growth of hair follicles. The science behind the idea along with several claims of success make this method seem valid, however there have been several tales of extreme shedding once product use ceases so.

Proceed with caution so you don’t end up in a hairy situation.

Hot Sauce. This finger-lickin’ method of treatment is based on the theory that capsaisin, the active ingredient in peppers, has the ability to stimulate hair follicles. That may be true but there are still no proven links to hair growth.

Oils. From the 19th century when “snake“ oils were all the rage to kitchen olive oil that is commonly used today, this treatment is still believed to be an effective weapon against hair loss.The reality is a little different, however. The oil from the bottle cannot penetrate the scalp, although it willkeep it shiny.

You will be relieved to hear that there are medically-proven products out there that aid can help to prevent hair loss. At Express Pharmacy, we are able to prescribe Propecia to effectively tackle male pattern baldness. Find out more by visiting our Propecia page now.