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A Beginner’s Guide to Movember

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movemberUnless you like to spend your Novembers in hibernation, you can’t help but have noticed that each year the streets of Britain see an explosion of facial hair as gentlemen – both young and old – join in the annual celebration of Movember.

But Movember is much more than a ’tache styling competition and a modest cause to raise awareness. This year’s campaign is more ambitious than ever before in its aim to address the crisis in men’s health. Indeed, November offers an opportunity to learn more about the Movember foundation and the important commitment the charity has made to fighting for men’s health around the world.

Why Movember?

On average, men live for six fewer years than women. Testicular cancer rates have doubled in the in the last 5 years, and prostate cancer rates are set to double over the next 15 years. However, it is not just cancer that is taking the men in our lives beyond their prime. A staggering three quarters of all suicides are carried out by men.

Movember is designed to help raise money to improve services and advocates for more open and honest discussions about men’s health issues. If you have never considered getting involved before, your support could play an important role in helping to change perceptions around men’s health and reduce unnecessary and preventable premature deaths among males.

Here is how you can help the cause this November!

Grow a mo

Whether you opt for a lavish handle bar, a modest pencil or a work of art like nothing the world has seen before, facial hair is the hallmark of this great cause, a fantastic way to get people talking about men’s health and a way to show support with pride.

Gentlemen, this is your chance to get creative. If you are short of your own ideas, why not let the sponsor with the highest donation choose the style or colour of your new furry friend for added hilarity and a boost to donations!

Whatever you do make sure you direct people to the Movember web page to donate.

Take the Move challenge

With the festive season around the corner and the cold months settling in, there is no better time to get physically active. Make a bid to move more during November and your new fitness regime can help raise money for men’s health with the help of sponsors. Take the Move Challenge means you can carry out any activity you like: organise a race with friends; learn salsa; or don a costume and head to the gym to set a new personal record. Get thinking and get moving!

Organise an event

Not able to grow your own moustache or take part in a sporting event? Why not organise a different type of event to rake in the pounds instead? Set up a ping pong tournament, try a game of Dungeons and Dragons or plan a good old fashioned dinner party.

Organise well and you and your friends can enjoy a great night whilst making a valuable contribution to the Movember Foundation.

Distinguished Gentleman’s ride

Are you a keen motorcyclist? Then maybe you should consider joining the annual Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride - where hoardes of suave bikers across 500 cities ride out together to show solidarity.

So, there you have it. A great cause with plenty of options available – all as part of a great cause.