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Chronic Pain Management: 4 Exercises That Will Reduce Chronic Pain

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Pain can have endless causes and differing severities, but what is chronic pain and how can you manage it? Within this guide, we will be talking about chronic pain and how four certain exercises can help to relieve it.

What Is Chronic Pain?

Pain is classed as chronic when it persists for a period of 12-weeks or longer, despite medical treatment. Chronic pain can be caused by many different factors, including numerous medical conditions, nerve damage, and injuries that have healed incorrectly. Diseases such as fibromyalgia, stomach ulcers, AIDS and so many others can also cause severe chronic pain.

How Can Chronic Pain Be Treated?

Many types of pain relief are available from health stores and any reputable online pharmacy (like us here at Express Pharmacy!). However, for full effect, it is recommended to make small lifestyle changes that can work to relieve your chronic pain.

4 Exercises That Could Reduce Chronic Pain

There are many benefits which come from leading a healthy and active lifestyle - and it just so happens that there are four particular exercises which have been proven to reduce the impact of chronic pain. Read on to find out more!

1. Water Aerobics

It's common for people to rely on a nice warm bath to soothe aches and pains, so why not incorporate this method into your exercise? Water aerobics (in warm water) can relax your muscles and relieve joint pressure.

2. Cycling

Heading out on a bike ride is a low impact form of exercise that can warm up your joints and ease your pain while keeping you fit. Much like other activities, doing so in short durations will prevent you from overworking yourself and doing more harm than good, which we definitely don't want!

It is important to remember that if the exercise is causing you discomfort, then you should stop. Pushing yourself to work will only do more harm and cause further discomfort.

3. Pilates

Pilates is great for sufferers of chronic pain, as it is a low-impact exercise that strengthens your muscles, posture and flexibility.

Pilates enhances muscle support of your body and takes the pressure off of your joints, therefore reducing pain. Not only does this exercise reduce pain, but it can help you increase your control over it. Other benefits include:

  • Better posture
  • Reduced risk of further damage
  • Improve functionality/mobility of your joints and muscles
  • Improves well-being

Due to its low-impact, Pilates is very safe for those suffering from chronic pains.

Another beneficial low-impact exercise option is Yoga. Much like pilates, it encourages better posture - stretching and lessening the pressure on your joints to help reduce pain.

4. Weight Lifting

Although this may seem too high-impact, weight lifting can be a beneficial method of chronic pain management.

Weight lifting will strengthen your muscles, and by doing so, the affected joints can minimize the stress around them. Please note that it is worth speaking to a health professional before opting to weight lift as a form of chronic pain management.

For more information regarding chronic pain management, do not hesitate to get in touch with your GP. Chronic pain can be a challenging symptom of several health problems.