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Debunked: Five Myths about Erectile Dysfunction

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erectile dysfunction medicationUniversity College London recently carried out a study into the links between cycling and erectile dysfunction. For pedallers around the country – and indeed the world –this is good news and helps to dispel the long-held myth that saddle soreness can be a precursor to something much more problematic.

But this got us thinking about those other misconceptions about erectile dysfunction. Men are a surprisingly sensitive bunch, and any perceived threat to masculinity can cause serious embarrassment. But mistaking myth for truth can be dangerous, especially if it leads men to taking untested, dangerous treatments or changing their lifestyle unnecessarily.

Let us instead, discuss some of the hard facts.



As mentioned in the introduction to this article, it had previously been thought that cycling caused erectile dysfunction and infertility. This was presumably due to the discomfort experienced around the genitals when riding a bike. Some studies even claimed to have produced evidence proving a link between the activity and an inability to ‘get it up’.

In actual fact, there is little to show that this is the case and previous research suggesting otherwise has been shown to be faulty. That’s not to say that pain whilst riding is acceptable. It is always a good idea to wear appropriate padding and use a comfortable saddle where possible to reduce discomfort.


‘Natural’ Remedies

Countless endangered species have expired in the name of the male libido. Rhinoceros horn and tiger penis are just two of the most popular but misguided medications for erectile dysfunction. Indeed, every animal phallus under the sun has been considered as a miracle at one time or another.

All for nothing. There is no reason to assume animal parts boost sperm count or give a person stronger erections. Bought from less reputable websites or market stalls, there is actually a significant chance of these remedies doing damage – adding harmful materials to boost product weight is not unheard of. And that’s before we consider the horrific impact of hunting rare species in danger of becoming extinct.

We all lose ‘it’ as we get older

erectile dysfunction medication

Kind of. Older men are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction, but the condition can occur at any age and many men maintain healthy erections throughout their life.

A healthy lifestyle can be crucial to keeping it up as you mature, and avoiding the obvious – smoking, alcohol, unhealthy foods – is a good start when it comes to staving off erectile problems.

Erectile dysfunction is also closely related to mental wellbeing as well as physical, with stress, anxiety and depression all influencing sexual performance. The best advice a medical expert can give you: ensure that the rest of your health and wellbeing is in good working order and the results in the bedroom will often look after themselves. And where medical intervention is needed, using tried and trusted erectile dysfunction medication is always preferable to something that sounds too good to be true.


Tight Underwear

While there is no reliable evidence to support the belief that tight pants affects a man’s ability to get an erection, it does raise an interesting point for discussion. As all men will know, there’s a time and a place for various different types of undergarment depending on the kind of activities undertaken during the day.

While wearing tighter briefs or boxers while playing sports is often necessary, it is perhaps not advisable to do so all day long for fertility reasons. Logically, tighter underwear can hold the testicles closer to the body and increase temperature. A significant increase in the temperature in the testes can lower sperm count.


You Don’t Find Your Partner Sexy

Naturally a lack of attraction might result in reduced sexual excitement. However, this is not a “dysfunction” and can simply be a product of mood or mental state. It is important to reassure your partner that they are not the problem. There are a number of explanations for erectile dysfunction, and a lack of attraction to your partner is rarely it.

Concerned about erectile dysfunction? Whatever you have been led to believe about this issue, you should never feel the need to suffer in silence. Consulting your pharmacist is fast, easy and discreet. Simply visit our Erectile Dysfunction page today to start your consultation.