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Effective Ways to Make Stoptober a Success

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Gathering information on Stoptober and taking part can be the key to finally quitting for good

Autumn is officially upon us, which means it’s the start of campaign season. One of the best known and, perhaps, most challenging is Stoptober – a month-long programme to help individuals find effective ways to stop smoking. So here’s all the information on Stoptober you need, as well as advice on making your Stoptober a success.

Why is Stoptober so important?

Despite constant health warnings and ever-tougher regulations on cigarette packaging, around 9 million adults in the UK still smoke regularly. Smoking is seriously detrimental to long-term health, greatly increasing your likelihood of developing life-threatening conditions like cancer.

Over 28 million people are thought to have kicked their smoking habit during Stoptober in recent years. Statistically, those who make it through the entire month and get past the worst of the craving stages are five times more likely to continue on through November and quit for good.

There’s plenty of information on Stoptober to help you through the process, including fact sheets, email support and even a free app.

What should you do to quit for good?

Many of the people who smoke regularly today would like to quit for good, but wanting it and doing it are two completely different things. Considering these different areas will help you find effective ways to stop smoking that actually work for you.

Brush up on your knowledge

Researching the available information on Stoptober can inform you of helpful sources of motivation and encouragement which you otherwise might not have been aware of. It’ll also help you feel less alone throughout the process, and highlight for you the importance of what you’re doing in terms of your long-term health. Reminding yourself of the damage smoking can do is one of the clearest ways to motivate yourself, and there is plenty of evidence and information available.

Learn about patches, gum and medication

There are lots of options when it comes to finding effective ways to stop smoking, so it’s important that you take the time to learn about the different treatments and methods available. Reading through information on Stoptober will give you the rundown on the different treatments available, including nicotine patches, gum and medication. For some people, vaping has become the method of choice, while others prefer not to smoke anything at all, instead choosing a proven nicotine-free medication such as Champix

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Reward yourself

If you rely on smoking for relief, finding effective ways to stop smoking and sticking to them can feel like a miserable process. Rewarding yourself for a job well done is a great way of encouraging yourself to reach your next milestone. Use information on Stoptober to find what rewards work best. Things like your favourite food item at the end of the week, or buying a treat with the money you’ve saved are all good options, but find what works for you.

Cut down gradually

Success means something different for everybody, and for some people one of the effective ways to stop smoking for good is to cut down gradually rather than quitting cold turkey. Looking at information on Stoptober tells you that the movement encourages you to ideally abstain from smoking altogether throughout October, but if you feel that cutting down gradually will give you a greater chance of success, then do what you think will work best for you.

As long as you come out of it with a reduced reliance on smoking, you’ve found success.

Express Pharmacy is here to provide advice and support throughout Stoptober. Call us, drop us an email or try our Live Chat service if you have any queries for our fully qualified team of pharmacists.