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Express Pharmacy Introduces New Hay Fever Medications

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hay fever medicationHay fever is thought to affect one in four people in the UK. But this shouldn’t mean that a quarter of the population hide indoors during the summer months. In fact, there are a number of preventative measures and treatments available to ensure that pollen allergies don’t’ impact on your enjoyment of the sunny seasons.

At Express Pharmacy we recognise how frustrating it can be for a person to be landed with this allergy year after year. We’ve therefore introduced two new allergy treatments to alleviate symptoms and help you to experience the summer months in a whole new light:

Fexofenadine – this is a type of antihistamine treatment. The treatment works to block the effects of the chemical which causes symptoms of hay fever such as itching.

Mometasone – this treatment is a nasal spray, which helps to reduce the inflammation in the lining of the sinuses.

Don’t ignore your hay fever – treat it early!

Despite the debilitating effects of the condition many people simply choose to ‘put up’ with hay fever. But this shouldn’t be the case. The earlier you treat hay fever the easier it is to alleviate and bring symptoms under control.

Maureen Jenkins, Clinical Director of Allergy UK, says ‘Most people wait until symptoms start before they begin treatment, but the nasal spray needs to be started at least two weeks before symptoms appear, so that the medication is already in your system when pollen triggers your hay fever.’

However, because the condition can strike at any time, many people are unaware of its presence until symptoms arise. Thus, the first step is often simply being aware of what those symptoms are. They will often include:

  • frequent sneezing
  • a blocked nose
  • a runny and itchy nose
  • watery and itchy eyes
  • itchy throat
  • headache
  • wheezing and breathlessness

How does hay fever affect people?

Given this list of symptoms it is no wonder that hay fever can have such a negative effect on everyday life. Hay fever can affect sleep and thus overall concentration as sufferers often complain that symptoms tend to worsen at night.

Lack of sleep combined with the overall drowsiness and fatigue caused by the symptoms can serve to have harmful effects on work performance, too. This was confirmed in a study showing that hay fever came at a cost of more than £324 million to the British economy through lost working hours during the summer period.

Furthermore, scientists have warned that there could be a 33% rise in the number of people suffering with the condition this summer due to worsening conditions. With that in mind it is more important than ever to get the right treatment to avoid being caught out by pollen this year.

Hay fever needn’t ruin your summer, so why not give our new hey fever and allergy relief treatments a go?