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Health Issues No Woman Should Be Too Embarrassed to Seek Help For

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Latest figures suggest that embarrassing health issues for women could be preventing them from seeking out medical help

Embarrassing health issues for women are those conditions patients may feel too awkward to receive treatment for. When you’re embarrassed about your health concerns, it can become difficult to seek out face-to-face support from a medical professional. Thankfully, online support for women’s health can make it possible to receive the necessary care without having to brave the doctor’s surgery.

Let’s take a look at four of the conditions most commonly seen as embarrassing health issues for women.

Period pain

Dysmenorrhea, otherwise known as period pain, affects a huge proportion of the female population almost every month, making it one of the most common embarrassing health issues for women. 10% of women suffering from dysmenorrhea would describe their symptoms as ‘severe’, and yet figures show that a large number of women don’t seek medical help for their period pains because they’re embarrassed by them, or see them as something they simply have to learn to live with.

But severe pain is our body’s way of telling us that something can be done about it. Mild period pain is often minor enough to treat at home with rest and recuperation, but severe pain can be helped with medication and lifestyle advice from a healthcare professional, including gentle exercise, dietary changes and stopping smoking. Online support for women’s health can be used to obtain vital medication like mefenamic acid.


Cystitis is one of the more common urinary tract infections, or UTIs, that people can suffer from, and women are much more likely to suffer from it than men. It’s often deemed one of the embarrassing health issues for women as research has shown that sufferers can be hesitant to seek medical aid.

Cystitis is caused by a spreading of bacteria from your bowel into your urethra. Although cystitis can be a mild condition that resolves itself in a few days, it can also progress and can even lead to kidney infection in more serious cases. So if your symptoms persist, it’s important that you seek out the help and medication you need, like obtaining medication such as trimethoprim through online support for women’s health.

Period delay

Although there are many reasons why women might experience a delay in their menstrual cycle, including weight loss and dietary changes, many women may panic and jump straight to the conclusion of an accidental pregnancy. This can lead to period delay being seen as one of the embarrassing health issues for women which they are anxious to seek help for.

Missing a period can be a frightening prospect for women unsure of the cause but there are times that women can benefit from a delayed period. For example, many women choose to delay their monthly period to avoid debilitating cramps and pains while travelling abroad on holiday. This can be done easily and discreetly through using Express Pharmacy's online service. By completing a short medical questionnaire, it is possible to access period delay medications such as Norethisterone without even needing to visit a GP.

Unwanted facial hair

One of the embarrassing health issues for women which can cause the most concern is unwanted facial hair, as it can lead to a serious lack of confidence. The condition is known as hirsutism and affects around 5-10% of all women.

Because it’s seen by many sufferers as a source of embarrassment, women with the condition often learn to live with it. However, online support for women’s health can allow women to deal with their unwanted facial hair effectively without having to brave a visit to the GP, though medication like Vaniqa.

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