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Healthy Food Swaps to Support Weight Loss at Every Meal

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Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, there are simple changes you can make to achieve a healthier diet in time for summer

Now that we’re well into March, we’ve welcomed spring with open arms . . . even if spring hasn’t yet welcomed us! And looking ahead, the arrival of spring means that summer is just around the corner. We all want to feel fitter and healthier in time for summer, which is why many of us fall victim to fad diets for fast effects. But as numerous studies have shown, crash diets are typically unsustainable and fail to deliver long term results. In fact, many can cause more health problems than they do solutions.

So instead, start working towards a healthy weight loss goal now by implementing some of these simple food swaps into your daily routine. No matter what meal you’re sitting down to, there is a way to enjoy it just as much while still eating healthily.


Cereal and coffee are common breakfast go-tos for many of us. Yet all too many cereals are actually high in sugar and a milky coffee with sugar added can be surprisingly calorific. Choosing porridge is a great alternative to popular branded cereals. Porridge is incredibly filling but releases energy slowly, helping to avoid blood sugar spikes. Even with a drop of honey or maple syrup, porridge will still avoid the worst of the sugar that your regular cereals hide.

If you can, also consider making your morning brew a black coffee or tea. Dropping the milk may not seem like a big difference but you could be saving tens of calories each day.


Because we tend to either go for sandwiches, bagels, muffins or pasta at lunchtime for a quick solution, we inevitably consume a lot of carbohydrates at this time of day. Although this gives us much needed energy, swapping out white bread and pasta for wholegrain alternatives will provide the same energy but with additional benefits. Wholegrains release energy more slowly and sustainably so that your body does not experience a rush of blood sugar; nor will it store as much of the energy as fat.


For most of us, dinner is the largest and most calorie-packed meal of the day. But instead of punishing yourself with fad diets, making the effort to consume calories from healthier food sources can help you achieve your weight loss goals in the long term. Chicken is commonly used in evening meals, but swapping it for turkey can give you a source of zinc, iron, protein, potassium and Vitamin B6 that is lower in fat. You may also swap the frying pan for the grill when cooking meat to avoid the calories contained in cooking oil.

Alternatively, tofu is a great vegan option which is both low in fat and versatile, and broccoli is a good option for adding greenery to your dinner as it is rich in both protein and fibre. Try preparing it in a stir fry with fish for a delicious healthy meal.

If you frequently add white rice to your dishes, trade it in for a brown alternative or, better yet, quinoa. This is a great source of dietary fibre and Omega-3, which can benefit your heart health. If you’re more of a pasta eater, swap creamy sauces for spicier, tomato-based options (taking care to use fresh or low-sugar chopped tomatoes rather than packet sauces).


If you regularly consume soft drinks like Coca Cola, train your body to prefer water by starting off with cordial and gradually reducing the amount you add. You should also avoid drinking excess amounts of alcohol in order to improve your health overall, including your liver, heart, weight and energy levels.

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