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How Alcohol Can Impact Your Sex Life

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We all know alcohol plays a huge role in our behaviour, but what does this mean for the more intimate moments? In this blog post, we are going to look at how alcohol can impact your sex life --- both the good and the ugly.

Positive effects of alcohol

Let’s start with the good stuff:

1. Alcohol increases your sex drive

Alcohol doesn’t increase your libido. What it does is lower your inhibitions --- making you more open to sexual adventures. Alcohol eases your anxiety and helps you move on from past issues that are stopping you from being sexual. A common example of these issues includes:

  • Concerns about how you look
  • Worries about reaching the climax
  • Worries about not satisfying your partner

All these can be fixed with a glass of vodka, rum, or wine. A small amount of alcohol can also make erotic talks sexier and more spontaneous. And lastly, the lack of anxiety will help improve a man’s staying power in bed.

2. Alcohol helps you enjoy the moment

Alcohol slows down brain activity --- temporarily freeing you from tension and worries. Believe it or not, one of the main reasons why couples don’t have sex often is stress. With alcohol, these worries tend to disappear.

3. Alcohol makes your partner more attractive

Several clinical studies show that people tend to rate their partners as more attractive after drinking alcohol. The attraction is not just physical. It’s influenced by a lot of factors including:

  • The physical appearance of your partner
  • How well you get along with each other
  • Your state of mind

4. Alcohol increases your sense of attachment to your partner

Your emotions are governed by your brain’s prefrontal cortex. And alcohol has a massive effect in this area. So, don’t be surprised if after a few glasses you become more talkative and more open about your feelings. Alcohol draws you closer to someone --- making your sexual encounters more intimate and powerful.

Negative effects of alcohol

There’s a catch. You can only consume so much alcohol before its benefits become your downfall. Below are some of the negative impacts of alcohol in your sex life:

1. Alcohol puts your health at risk

For starters, most medications have a contraindication for alcohol, making you more susceptible to developing side effects. There are also several studies linking excessive alcohol consumption to certain cancers, particularly in the liver. Lastly, alcohol is an addictive substance, meaning you could be just a glass away from taking it too far.

2. Too much alcohol may lead to poor sexual performance

For men, too much alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction. This happens because alcohol can interfere with the messengers in the brain that “tells” your penis to become erect. Alcohol lowers testosterone too which is vital in keeping your sexual functions healthy. Luckily, with help from medication, you can treat erectile dysfunction quickly if it is a persistent problem.

After too much drinking, some men also find it hard to ejaculate while others tend to come too quickly. In women, too much alcohol may affect their ability to reach orgasm. And if they do, these orgasms tend to feel less intense and pleasurable. Alcohol can also dehydrate the vagina, making penetration painful or uncomfortable.

3. Alcohol separates you from reality

Too much alcohol can separate you from reality. So, balance is key. Too much alcohol may rob you of your ability to connect with your partner as well as satisfy his or her emotional and sexual needs.

4. Alcohol may cause fertility problems

There are some alcohol-related issues that paracetamol simply can’t fix. In women, studies show that those who drink more than 14 units of alcohol per week often suffer from fertility and menstrual problems.

5. Too much alcohol puts you at risks of catching sexually transmitted infections

Alcohol lowers your inhibition and increases your chances of engaging in unprotected sex. If you are not with a safe and trusted partner, this will put you at greater risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases (STI's).