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How Can I Test for HIV at Home?

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If you fear that you may have contracted HIV, the best thing that you can do is stay one step ahead and get a test. While there is currently no cure for HIV, detecting it in its early stages is vital so that you can live a comfortable life.

The easiest and quickest way to test for HIV is in the comfort of your own home. This short guide will take you through everything you need to know about these home testing kits.

How To Know If You Have HIV

The only way to 100% know whether you have HIV is by taking a test. While there are some non-specific symptoms (headaches, fevers, pneumonia, etc), you may not develop them until years after you contract the virus.

Due to lack of symptoms when you first contract HIV, it is recommended to take a test if you have had unprotected sex or sex with someone who you now know has HIV. It is also wise to take a test if you have ever shared needles with someone else - whether it be for tattoos, piercings or drug use.

How Do HIV Testing Kits Work?

Most HIV testing kits work by searching for antibodies in your blood or cells that would have only developed if your body was trying to fight off HIV. These antibodies typically appear after 3 months of contracting HIV, meaning if you test negative the first time, it’s wise to try again a few months later to be 100% certain.

One of the most popular HIV testing kits is the BioSURE HIV Testing Kit. This kit detects the antibodies via your blood which is drawn by a simple pinprick on your finger. After around 15 minutes, the test will have your results ready and will indicate your status through the use of lines (similarly to a pregnancy test).

How To Get A HIV Testing Kit

Buying a HIV testing kit online has never been easier thanks to accredited pharmacies. You can purchase the popular BioSURE HIV testing kit right here at Express Pharmacy and have it delivered to you in as little as 1 working day. This testing kit is priced at £28.95.