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How to Improve Your Sex Life Over the Age of 60

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Many people enjoy a healthy sex life over the age of 60 and beyond, with countless couples admitting they enjoy sex even more now they’re older. With studies showing a host of health benefits to maintaining a sex life, it’s been proven that there isn’t necessarily a link between age and the frequency of sex.

Whether you’re looking to improve your current sex life, or you want tips on how to achieve more intimacy with your partner, here are some tips on how to improve your sex life over the age of 60.

1. Get Creative

Getting experimental and trying new things can not only help keep the romance alive but also ensure you enjoy sex more. It’s not just our bodies that change as we grow older, but our tastes and preferences do too, with certain forms of intimacy you once enjoyed no longer being satisfying. Use this experience to get creative with sex and try new things, both solo and with your partner, so long as you both feel comfortable doing so.

Both exploring new sources of pleasure and sharing ideas can be just as exciting as the intimacy itself, so why not try experimenting with toys, oral sex or massages – there are endless discoveries to be made and you might be surprised by what you enjoy now that you hadn’t considered before.

2. Eat A Well-Balanced Diet and Exercise

Maintaining a well-balanced and varied diet alongside plenty of exercise will ensure you stay fit, healthy and active – which is ideal for any type of physical activity you have planned. The more energy you have, the more inclined you’ll be to enjoy sex, not to mention giving you a confidence boost when in the bedroom.

Fitness programmes that improve flexibility, self-esteem, strength and agility will all help make sex more pleasurable. Aim to add low-fat, low-sugar and low-salt foods to your diet, increase your fruit and veg, and look for exercises such as yoga or pilates for greater agility.

3. Treat Medical Issues

It’s best to be aware of the different medical issues that can occur more regularly for older couples, such as vaginal dryness or erectile dysfunction. These issues are common and can be solved quickly once addressed. Erectile dysfunction tablets, for example, can be purchased, as can premature ejaculation treatments. For vaginal dryness, a common problem for women due to the vagina shortening and narrowing with age, water-based lubricants are available to help with the discomfort felt during intercourse. If you’re unsure what the issue is, it can help to discuss the issue with your GP who can offer advice and guidance to help you get back on track and rekindle your sex life.

4. Stay Safe

It may be tempting to relax your fears of STDs as you grow older, but so long as you’re sexually active, you’re just as much at risk as you were before. Gonorrhoea, Hepatitis B, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis and Genital Warts and Herpes are just some examples of the common STDs to look out for, with the number of older people with HIV or AIDs growing across the globe. Just as with younger people, taking precautions is key.

Using condoms, having regular check-ups and honest communication with partners is vital in ensuring you are safe and protected. Likewise, casual sex and enjoying sex with strangers should involve learning about your sexual partner’s history and using water-based lubricants and condoms to help to reduce your chances of getting a sexually transmitted infection.

5. Consider Sex Therapy

If you and your partner are struggling with intimacy or have any concerns about sex, consider seeking the advice of a sex therapist or councillor. This can enable you to both share your concerns and desires in a safe and confidential space, so that you can both meet your needs as a couple. This of course isn’t just for those wanting advice about relationship struggles, sex therapy can help you find new positions or acts of intimacy if you’re unable to enjoy the things you once loved, due to medical reasons.

Final Thoughts

Sex isn’t something you grow out of enjoying – in fact, with the right care and attention, it can be something that can improve with age. Many studies over the years have shown that people want and enjoy sex past the age of 60, but it’s all about taking the right approach.

Ensure that you and your partner are taking care of your health, treating any conditions that could be posing an issue to your sex life, and taking the proper precautions to avoid diseases. It’s also important to set time aside to boost intimacy, get creative and spend time together in a romantic way, so that you’re more inclined to want to have sex with one another.