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How to Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions in 2022

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Research has shown that less than 10% of people stick to their New Year’s Resolutions, with many factors being to blame. Whether it’s lack of motivation or a busy schedule, it doesn’t take long for the excuses to start coming in!

If you want to make 2022 the year of change, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will explore how to stick to your new year’s resolutions - for good.

1. Write them down

The foundation of all goal-setting starts with desire: What do you want your life to be like in a year, five years, or 10 years? Big or small, you should start by making a list of what you'd like to accomplish. People who write down their objectives are 42 percent more likely to fulfil them, according to research.

Then, you should make a strategy for how to accomplish your goals. You can create a plan of action for what you may do to get things done.

2. Never skip a day

Find a way to improve in your efforts to do what you want every day, no matter how small. It doesn't have to be huge. Even a little action counts toward your long-term success.

Let's take losing weight and being more active as an example. Walking for at least five to ten minutes every day, even if it's just walking around a park, can be beneficial. On days when you're feeling particularly energised, go for a longer walk. Doing something everyday will make progress toward your objective.

Attempting to stop smoking is another great example. If going cold turkey is too much of a challenge, cut down the amount you smoke by one a day. You’ll eventually end up smoking none at all, without causing a massive shock to the system.

3. Monitor results

When you make progress, it's simpler to keep to what you promise. Find a metric of improvement that can encourage you to keep going. Monitoring your progress on a regular basis makes you more likely to achieve your objectives.

4. Allow yourself to have rewards

After completing an activity to achieve their objectives, those who immediately reward themselves are more likely to keep to their plan. We can use rewards to encourage our persistence in attaining our yearly goals, just like we would with dogs.

5. Have support around you

Having people check in on your goals will help to keep you on track. It's almost like they are holding you accountable, without the added stress or pressure. Having people on your side when you're working can make a big impact on your overall success.

6. Manage your mood and energy

It's crucial to maintain a positive attitude and energy throughout your days. Try to avoid spending too much time listening or watching anything that makes you feel stressed or unhappy. Make every effort to get adequate rest during the day.

Keep active so you don't feel lethargic. You'll be mentally sluggish and less engaged in your tasks if you're feeling sluggish. Rather than feeding yourself foods that make you feel sluggish and down, eat meals that are good for your energy levels. There's a lot of evidence on how food affects our mental well-being.

7. Mix things up

Mixing up your routine can sometimes be really beneficial for reaching your goals. A small change to your day could be enough to add some excitement back in, allowing you to see things in a different light. Whether you take a new class to spruce up your knowledge/fitness or explore a different area, there's plenty you can do to switch things up a bit.

8. Believe in yourself

Consider yourself as your biggest fan; if you aren't supporting your own goals and decisions, how will you succeed in making them happen? Remind yourself why you have set the resolutions and work hard to make them a reality. This is your own personal journey that you deserve to enjoy while taking it seriously.

With these eight tips in mind, there’s no reason as to why 2022 can’t be your best year yet for smashing and sticking to goals. What are your new year resolutions? We’d love to know!