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Make Movember Matter: Why Men Need to Open Up About Their Health

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Men’s health continues to be a significant issue around the world. Globally, men die an average of six years younger than women, for largely preventable reasons.[1]

Men are more likely to smoke, eat too much salt, eat too much red meat, not eat enough fruit and vegetables and drink to dangerous levels. What’s more, men are twice as likely to develop liver disease. 67% of men are overweight or obese, and 20% of men die before the age of 65.[2]

Because of this, initiatives like Movember have become increasingly important to men’s health.

The importance of Movember

Over the years, Movember has become an increasingly popular movement intent on improving the health and wellbeing of men. Movember addresses key male health concerns, including:

- Prostate cancer

- Testicular cancer

- Mental health

- Suicide prevention[3]

The movement encourages men to talk, ask for help, listen to others, act and check in, in light of statistics like this: 75% of suicides in the United Kingdom are men. Every minute around the world, a man dies by suicide.[4]

Research shows that men remain reluctant to share their health concerns

A clear problem in helping to tackle these issues is that men are significantly less likely to address their health concerns than women. In fact, men are around a quarter as likely as women to see a doctor over a one-year period, half as likely over a two-year period, and three times less likely over 5 years.[5]

Almost six out of 10 men (59%) say there are factors which stop them visiting the doctor, with 31% saying they only go to the doctor if they are extremely sick. A further 10% say they are scared of visiting their GP in case they learn that something is wrong with them.[6]

Health concerns among men are more common than you might think

It’s more important than ever that men feel able to discuss their health openly and without judgement, as there are still many conditions impacting the health of thousands of men every year.

Between 2014 and 2016, there were 2,364 new cases of testicular cancer in the UK, and 64 deaths as a result of the condition.[7] What’s more, in the UK more than 47,500 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year, which equates to 129 men every day. 11,500 men die every year as a direct result of prostate cancer. This is equal to one man every 45 minutes.[8]

And it isn’t just life-threatening conditions like cancer that impact men’s health. Conditions like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are more common than many people realise, yet a significant number of men suffering from these conditions feel too embarrassed to address them with a doctor. Premature ejaculation occurs in anywhere between 4 and 39% of men.[9]

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