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How You Can Ensure a Night to Remember Rather Than a Nightmare to Forget

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premature ejaculationBurdened with fears of premature ejaculation? Being open, honest and ready to explore the solutions could help to ensure your dates are memorable . . . for all the right reasons.

From first dates to long-term relationships, men can still be hampered by a fear of premature ejaculation. Although a common concern – and a relatively minor issue – men are generally afraid to discuss it, let alone seek effective treatment that can help them to perform as they would wish.

It has been estimated that over three-quarters of men will experience premature ejaculation (PE) at some point in their lives and nearly 20% of men aged 18-59 suffer from it regularly. Even men with a long-term partner who regularly have intercourse can find premature ejaculation – or perceived premature ejaculation – to become an issue at some point in their lives.

While sexual intercourse plays an important role in a healthy relationship, the majority of women agree that occasional problems with premature ejaculation have little bearing on their enjoyment of sex or their attraction to their partner. Nevertheless the fear of PE remains for many men – and it is this fear that frequently exacerbates the issue.

The two types of Premature Ejaculation

We can typically break down premature ejaculation into two categories: primary and secondary. They can be distinguished as follows:


A male who has suffered problems with PE for as long as they have been sexually active, most commonly attributed to deep-lying psychological factors such as upbringing, conditioning, biological factors or even a traumatic sexual experience.


A male who has no previous history of PE but can be afflicted by the issue due to physical or psychological triggers such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, depression or even a developing fear of sexual performance.

Communication is key

Communication is crucial to finding a solution to issues of premature ejaculation, but men are notoriously shy, embarrassed or just reluctant to discuss personal issues relating to sexual health. Ignoring the issue can cause premature ejaculation to become a long-term problem, whilst a more open approach and willingness to talk with your partner and/or doctor can help to alleviate the issue or lead to the prescribing of effective medication.

Methods and medication

Basic techniques for handling premature ejaculation include breathing techniques, the ‘start-stop’ and ‘squeeze’ techniques or using ‘climax-controlling’ condoms aimed at desensitising the experience.

In more persistent cases, Priligy tablets are a proven and commonly effective medication for treating premature ejaculation. They contain dapoxetine, an active ingredient that increases the time it takes to ejaculate. It also enables more control over ejaculating –alleviating much frustration and anxiety.

Accessing Priligy is discreet, fast and safe through Express Pharmacy, and can be done through an online consultation procedure. If you suffer from PE and want to access premature ejaculation medication, don’t let embarrassment get in the way any longer.