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Never Heard of Klarna? Here’s Why We’ve Switched to Europe’s Fastest Growing Payment Provider

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Klarna is fast becoming one of the world’s favourite ways to pay because it has made buying online simpler than ever before – without compromising on security.

Express Pharmacy customers now have even more choice when it comes to ways to pay for their prescription medicines. Credit and debit cards can be processed through Klarna, as can transactions made using Internet banking. But with Klarna, there’s another option: all you need is your email address and a postcode and you can Pay After Delivery.

How does Pay After Delivery work?

Once you have been through Express Pharmacy’s checkout and your order has been acknowledged, you will receive an email with payment instructions explaining how and when payment is required.

Once your prescription has arrived safely and you are happy with your order, it is time to pay. This can be done by simply signing into the payment page using the statement number provided, along with the email used when ordering.

Ordering online and paying later is a great way of obtaining peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that money will only leave your account once you have taken possession of the medication you need.

Want to see how the system works? Try the Klarna Demo Store.

What is Klarna?

Founded in Sweden in 2005, Klarna has grown swiftly into one of the most progressive and forward-thinking payment providers in the world today. Whether they know it or not, 35 million consumers now use Klarna through more than 50,000 merchants.

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