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Online Pharmacies: What you had to say

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At Express Pharmacy we stake our reputation on providing outstanding customer service and delivering the prescription medication our customers need with greater efficiency and value for money. It is for that reason we have been voted among the top 10 online pharmacies in the UK.

But we're not content with resting on our laurels, so we recently canvassed our customers to find out more about what it is our customers truly expect from us, to help us ensure that our service continues to meet the high standards we set.

Find the results of our survey below.

What is the biggest obstacle facing you when collecting a prescription

Unsurprisingly the most common problem for individuals with busy lives and little opportunity to collect prescriptions during the working day is a lack of time to collect medication. The second most common response collected from our survey was "embarrassment" with a sizeable 23.5% stating that this was the primary obstacle when obtaining medication.

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What is the most important aspect of ordering from an online pharmacy?

We also asked participants what they felt was important to them when ordering from an online pharmacy. In keeping with the answers provided in relation to obstacles facing those trying to access prescription medication, the majority of people felt that discretion (42.35%) and speed (25.88) were the features of an online service they valued most.

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How did we do


According to our research, a third of all deliveries arrived with patients the very next day. This is regardless of whether the patient requested next day special delivery or standard postal service. And a similarly impressive 72% of all deliveries reached their destination within two days of the order being placed.

In total, we are happy to report that 97% of medications delivered, were received by patients in no more than 5 working days.


At Express Pharmacy we pride ourselves on our impeccable service levels. We asked our customers to find out what they thought.

- 99% of respondents said they would order from Express Pharmacy again

- 78% of those surveyed were "completely satisfied" with the service they received

- 19% of customers claimed to be "very satisfied' with the remaining 3% describing themselves as "satisfied"

- 88% of respondents believed that Express Pharmacy's online system was "superior" or "equal" to that of a traditional bricks and mortar pharmacy

- 100% of customers said they would recommend Express Pharmacy to a friend or family member


Industry questions

We were also interested to see if our customers felt that brand and approval from a relevant governing body were important to them when ordering prescription medication. The results showed that less than half of respondents (45%) knew to look for an online pharmacy's GPhC registration but that 53% did feel that purchasing from a well known brand was an important consideration.


Does brand to you when buying a prescription medication?

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Would you know to look for the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) logo when ordering a prescription?



We would like to thank all respondents for the time taken to fill out our short questionnaire. If you didn't partake in this survey but would like to give your view in future surveys, look out for sign up details in our monthly newsletter.