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Study Reveals the Nations Sordid Lockdown Search History

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A recent study conducted by Express Pharmacy showcased some seriously sordid Google search volume change since lockdown took hold.

Key National insights

  • In May 2020, Searches for “Pornhub” grew by 50% year on year.

  • Interest in specific positions grew, with each term growing by at least 49% year on year, with examples like: “reverse cowgirl” - up 233%, “missionary” - up 234% and “doggy style” - up 120%.

  • Sex toys remained front of mind for many, with search volumes growing from 110,000 in May 2019, to 246,000 in May 2020, a whopping 123% growth year on year.
  • Some decided nudes didn’t count during lockdown and searches reflected that, with search demand up 175% for “nudes” 310% for “thirst trap”.
  • Hundreds of thousands of men decided practice makes perfect, with searches for “how to last longer” growing 125% year on year in May.
  • Searches for Sildenafil reviews - the generic Viagra substitute grew by 84% year on year and even during lockdown searches for Viagra increased by 23% from last year.

  • Thousands were asking questions like “How to masturbate?” - up 83% year on year, “How to have sex?” - up 50% from last year and “How to kiss a girl?” - up 50% year on year.

Key City Specific Insights

  • The largest UK cities showed a significant increase in demand for "virtual dating", with search volume increasing by over 1000% year on year in May, in Birmingham, followed by London, Leeds & Bradford and Glasgow, whose demand all increased by over 600%.
  • Liverpool had little imagination on the whole, as search demand for "pornhub" grew by over 82% YoY during May 2020.
  • Men prepared for a long and boring lock with searches for "male sex toys" growing 83% nationally YoY, with significant demand growth in Liverpool, Sheffield and Newcastle (+128%, +141% & +180%).
  • Whilst national interest in ways to “last longer” more than doubled, Interest change was greatest in Liverpool and Leeds and Bradford where demand was +200% and +180%.
  • Whilst national demand for keeping oneself entertained grew overall, Liverpool and Sheffield saw the biggest change, leading the way with searches for "sex toys" growing 190% and 120%.

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Please note that the volumes were correct at time of writing and sourced from Google Adwords (UK).