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Stoptober: How Did You Do?

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It was backed by numerous celebrities, charities, health organisations and businesses with the sole aim of getting people suffering from a dangerous addiction to rid nicotine from their lives.But how did Stoptober go for you? And what now?

Quitting smoking is a serious challenge no matter who you are or however committed you might be, so if you have made it through the whole month without touching a cigarette, cigar or perhaps even your pipe – then a huge congratulations from all of us here at Express Pharmacy.

The likelihood is that you have employed a number of techniques to keep you on the straight and narrow during this period. Whether it’s smoking cessation medication, hypnotherapy, finding other forms of entertainment or taking up another habit such as chewing gum, you’ve hopefully now found a sense of achievement from having conquered that initial addiction – and overcome perhaps the biggest hurdle.

Staying smoke free and making quitting a habit for life

As trusted community pharmacists we have discussed smoking addiction many times with our customers. And there are a number of helpful techniques that can be tried to ensure that quitting smoking becomes a lifelong commitment.

If you feel you need a little help turn Stoptober into a smokefree future, here are our 3 top tips:

  1. Use your newfound wealth to buy something nice
Let’s face it, smoking is expensive. In fact, the average smoker will spend £2000 a year on tobacco. Set your mind to what it is you’d like to buy with this money and set it aside to achieve your goal.
  1. Find a new way to fill your time
The cigarette break – especially sociable ones with friends – can add an extra dimension to the lure of smoking. Rather than watching others head out during work or on a night out, make sure that you always have something else to do during those tricky moments – even if it’s making a brew!
  1. Get your pulse racing
Staying active is a great way of keeping your body energized and away from cravings. Use the power of endorphins and the other hormones attached to exercise in order to combat those negative nicotine cravings. Of course, the other benefit of regular exercise is that it can enhance lung capacity and help reverse the damage done to your body by the tar from smoking.

Feel you need a bit more help to quit smoking? Consult one of our pharmacists today about smoking cessation treatments.