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What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

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Erectile dysfunction affects many men each year, yet many cases are going untreated due to the feeling of shame or embarrassment. But while some men don’t wish to speak up about their impotence, the sooner it is treated, the sooner it won’t cause strain on sexual performance or confidence.

It is believed that around 5% of men over 40 have a long-term struggle with erectile dysfunction. Understanding the causes of erectile dysfunction can help to manage it and win back control.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is a condition which stops men from achieving or maintaining an erection. It is not to be confused with premature ejaculation, which occurs when a man ejaculates after minimal stimulation.

4 Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

So - how do you know if you have erectile dysfunction? While some men may experience the occasional symptom due to factors like stress and tiredness, the following causes are the most common amongst those who suffer long-term.

1. Problems With Blood Pressure

When it comes to long-term erectile dysfunction, the most common causes tend to be related to blood pressure and blood circulation.

When a man usually gets ‘hard’, the penis allows more blood to flow, which is then trapped within the corpora cavernosa. This causes the penis to remain erect.

If a man has problems with blood pressure or circulation, however, the penis may struggle to maintain this pressure. Common conditions include high blood pressure, heart disease and high cholesterol.

2. Medication

There are many medications which can affect blood flow, once again resulting in erectile dysfunction. This includes:

  • Central nervous system depressants (Xanax, Diazepam, Codeine)
  • Cancer chemotherapy medications
  • Beta-blockers
  • SSRIs (Prozac, Paxil)

The above medications are just a handful which can cause erectile dysfunction. Speak to your doctor if you would like to know more. Never stop taking a course of medication without consulting your doctor first.

3. Mental Disorders

As mentioned earlier, problems with stress and tiredness can cause occasional erectile dysfunction symptoms. There are more complex emotional disorders, however, that may result in a long-term condition.

Near enough any mental disorder which relates to some form of performance anxiety has the ability to cause erectile dysfunction. If this is the case, therapy is deemed as an effective treatment.

Problems with anxiety and depression have been known to cause erectile dysfunction, due to fatigue and an overwhelming feeling of sadness. It is important to put your mental health first in this situation and speak to a specialist about coping with these feelings.

4. Neurological Disorders

Neurological and nerve disorders may also cause erectile dysfunction. This is usually due to the fact that the brain struggles to communicate with the rest of the body. Common neurological disorders that can cause erectile dysfunction include:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Brain tumours
  • Spinal tumours
  • Alzheimer’s

Once again, it’s important to speak to your doctor for guidance regarding these serious conditions and their link to erectile dysfunction.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

You can buy ED treatment right here at Express Pharmacy. From Sildenafil to Viagra, Spedra to Cialis, we have many different types of treatment available depending on your requirements.

If you believe you are struggling with long-term erectile dysfunction due to any of the causes mentioned in this guide, please speak to your GP for further guidance or get in touch with us on 0208 123 0703.