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Why a Life Without Cigarettes Is a Happier One

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The benefits of quitting cigarettes can often be felt within just days of giving up smoking, and over time the body repairs itself even further. Within months of giving up smoking, your body begins to improve in terms of heart and lung health, and while results can vary from person to person, life without cigarettes starts to become a happier one. In light of No Smoking Day, read on to discover the benefits that come from quitting the habit for good.

Understanding the signs of addiction

You may not realise that you have an addiction to cigarettes, as the symptoms of a nicotine addiction can often be overlooked. But if you’ve made several attempts to stop and have been unable to quit, you could be addicted. You may experience withdrawal symptoms such as strong cravings, frustration and anger, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, increased hunger levels and insomnia. If you consider smoking even when you have health problems, such as issues with your heart or your lungs, and if you give up on social activities in favour of smoking, such as avoiding going out because you can’t smoke at the venue, these are also signs of nicotine addiction.

Five benefits of giving up smoking

1. Cardiovascular health

When you choose to stop smoking, you experience a host of benefits that can make life a happier one. For one, your cardiovascular health improves considerably with each passing week.

Your whole body will benefit from better circulation and blood flow. Not only does this enable your organs to work more effectively but it also improves the quality and appearance of your skin, providing greater elasticity and a rosy glow to your face.

Did you know: In as little as 20 minutes after quitting cigarettes, your blood pressure and heart rate improve, and your risk of a heart attack drops even within hours of giving up smoking.

2. Improved sense of smell and taste

A common positive benefit to quitting smoking is that your sense of smell and taste improves. In fact, after just 48 hours of quitting, you’ll notice that you can smell and taste things more effectively – the taste buds and nerve receptors in the tongue and nose begin to improve and you’ll be able to experience flavours and aromas far more significantly.

3. Heightened lung function

Everyday tasks like picking up shopping, climbing the stairs or playing with your kids will feel easier when you quit smoking. Smoking flattens the cilia in the lungs, which are small structures in the lungs that remove pollutants and toxins from the air you breathe in – giving up cigarettes enables them to regrow and function properly.

Did you know: Your lung function can improve by as much as 30% just two weeks after quitting smoking.

4. Fertility

Smoking can hinder a number of bodily functions, and fertility is one aspect of the body that suffers as a result of nicotine addiction, particularly for women. Smoking increases the risk of miscarriage and premature birth, as well as making it more difficult to conceive. But just three months after quitting, you may experience improvements to fertility and in some cases, conception rates can improve within a year of giving up cigarettes.

5. Clearer mental state

Many people who give up smoking long-term note that their mood improved as a result. One of the reasons for this is that smoking can actually cause tension and anxiety, which dissipates when you remove smoking from your life. In fact, studies suggest that people with mental health problems are likely to feel considerably calmer and more positive by giving up smoking, with the impact as beneficial as antidepressants when it comes to the effect on anxiety and depression.

What can you take from this?

Life without cigarettes is a happier one for many people because of the impact giving up has on your mental health, helping you to focus more clearly and live your life in a healthier way. Without cigarettes, you can lead a more active life, develop a healthier appearance and reduce your risk of developing health problems and diseases. People who smoke worry that life will be worse without cigarettes, as they enjoy the habit of smoking and believe that it helps them to manage stress. But the opposite is true – in reality, when people give up smoking, they notice that their life improves and that they feel better about themselves.

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