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Why You’re Probably Not Having Any Joy in the Bedroom

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erectile dysfunction treatmentGet the lowdown on all the things standing between you and a relaxed, enjoyable and firm experience in the bedroom.

We have covered the problem of erectile dysfunction several times in the Express Pharmacy blog. And by now most people are aware that this issue is not only common, but easily treated using impotence medications.

Whether a growing awareness of the widespread nature of ED inspires confidence in men to go out and seek help is still debatable, but in this article we will look more closely at those lifestyle choices you are making that could be behind the embarrassment, discomfort and… flaccidity.

What’s needed to get a penis going?

This might sound obvious but in actual fact it takes more than just attraction to achieve an erection. In fact, arousal needs to be supported by a properly functioning nervous system and a healthy blood supply; and it is these two factors that contribute towards complications in the bedroom.

Everything from a cold to stress to poor diet can affect your blood and nervous systems, so finding the cause of an individual case of erectile dysfunction can actually be quite difficult. What we do know is that to there are several key lifestyle factors that have a marked effect on cases of impotence.


ED and smoking are thought to be linked through a process called atherosclerosis. The arteries become clogged up with a combination of plaque and fatty deposits, reducing the space for blood to flow and building up pressure. The more an individual smokes the greater the furring of the arteries and the narrower the room for blood to flow freely.

Not only does this process leave a smoker at serious risk of any number of cardiovascular diseases, it also makes them a prime candidate for impotence. If blood can’t reach the penis an erection is virtually impossible.


In contrast to smoking, alcohol works against a man’s sexual organ in a very different fashion. Alcohol impacts on a man’s brain function, perception, coordination and, in fact, his whole nervous system. For a man trying to achieve an erection this is a significant problem.

By inhibiting the signals passing between the brain and the body, alcohol can make it significantly harder for a man to achieve and sustain an erection – no matter how aroused he feels.

Alcohol also causes problems in another way: widening the arteries. Blood vessels that are too wide can be just as problematic as those that are too small because they make it easier for blood to flow out of the penis – resulting in failure to sustain an erection.

Stress and depression

Stress and depression can impact on both the nervous system and cardiovascular system in a number of surprising ways.

High blood pressure is commonly associated with stress. During periods of high blood pressure the arterial lining can become damaged and the flow of blood around the body restricted.

Both stress and depression also cause the body’s hormone levels to become imbalanced and this can have repercussions for the nervous system – a factor we have already seen has close links with ED.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction and would like to find out more about how changes to lifestyle and appropriate medications can help, get in touch on 0208 123 0703 or head to our Contact Us page.