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Curanail 5% Loceryl Nail Lacquer is a topical POM medication used in ages 18 and over for the treatment of fungal infections in both fingernails and toenails. It is clinically proven to clean up to 85% of fungal fingernail infections and 75% of toenail infections within six months.

Curanail Loceryl Nail Lacquer 3ml


What is Curanail Loceryl Nail Lacquer?

Curanail Loceryl 5% medicated Nail Lacquer is an anti-mycobacterial POM medication used to treat mild fungal infections in both toenails and fingernails caused by fungi, yeasts and mould. The active ingredient in Curanail is the anti-fungal Amorolfine.

What is a fungal nail infection?

Fungal nail infections in the fingers and toes are common in men and women over the age of 18. In most cases they are not severe but can be unpleasant, and of course infectious. Common symptoms include weak, brittle nails that are easily broken or irregular discolouration of the nails.

How can I prevent it?

Fungal nail infections are easily spread. Feet should be kept clean and dry where possible. Extra caution should be taken when using showers in communal areas. People with diabetes, psoriasis or peripheral arterial disease can be more susceptible to fungal nail infections. Please consult your GP or physician before using this treatment if you have one of these conditions.

How does it work?

Curanail works by preventing the fungi from producing ergosterol, an important component of fungal cell membranes. By disrupting this process, the cell membranes are subject to leakage. The fungal cells that rely on the cell membranes for survival are subsequently killed.

Infections around the nails caused by fungi, yeasts and moulds can be difficult to get rid of. This is often because nails are tough and can take a long time to grow back as healthy tissue.

Curanail is applied directly onto the infected nail or nails, just like a nail lacquer or varnish, creating an impermeable barrier and allowing the medicine to penetrate slowly through the nail and into the nail bed.

Curanail has a very high success rate and is clinically proven to clean up to 85% of fungal fingernail infection cases and 75% of toenail infection cases within six months.

How to Use Curanail Loceryl Nail Lacquer

Using the supplied device, first file down the surface of the affected nail or nails as thoroughly as possible. This must be done by the person with the infected nail(s). Ensure that the file is thrown away safely after use. It must not be used on other nails as it can spread the underlying infection.

After filing the nail, clean the surface of the nail with the supplied alcohol swabs.

Using the supplied reusable applicator, apply Curanail to the entire surface of the affected nail(s). For each individually affected nail, dip the applicator into the nail lacquer ensuring that you do not wipe any of the excess laquer onto the bottle. Allow the nail to dry for about three minutes. Clean the spatula thoroughly before placing it back in its packaging so that it can be reused.

How often should I use it?

Curanail can be used once weekly, or as directed by your GP or physician. Please ensure that you repeat the application process each time that you reapply the laquer in order to prevent any recurrence or spreading of the infection.

Curanail should continue to be used until the affected nail(s) and surrounding area have fully healed. This can take up to six months for fingernails and sometimes up to nine months for toenails.

After 3 months of treatment, your condition should be reviewed by your GP to ensure there has been improvement. If no improvement has occurred after three months, stop treatment and consult your GP. It suggested that you visit your return to GP or physician every three months during the course of your treatment to ensure the medication is working correctly. It is important to continue the treatment without interruption to avoid the infection returning.


Curanail is not suitable for use whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. Curanail is only suitable for ages 18 plus and should not be used on children.

If you work with organic solvents such as thinners or white spirit, ensure that you wear waterproof gloves during treatment.

Do not use nail varnish or artificial nails whilst under treatment.

Side effects

Side effects can be cause by most medications. These can vary from person to person and are not guaranteed to occur. It is unlikely that you will suffer side effects from this medication, however, they can include discolouration of the nail and weak or brittle nails. These can, of course, be caused by the underlying infection. If you experience any side effects whilst using this medicine, please contact your GP and Express Pharmacy immediately.


Medication Quantity Price
Curanail Loceryl Nail Lacquer 3ml 1 £18.00

Patient Information

Always read the patient information leaflet before commencing treatment. The patient information can be found here .

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