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Surgical Face Masks


These Surgical 3-ply face masks are used for general protection from airborne exposure to droplets, sprays, fluids or aerosols. Suitable for personal and family use.

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What is a surgical mask?

Surgical face masks are disposable face masks that prevent the spread of respiratory droplets. They are typically worn by health professionals when carrying out procedures or nursing patients. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, they are also a popular type of mask to wear when in public settings.

Surgical face masks create a barrier between you and your environment. The droplets from your nose and mouth will get ‘trapped’ in the mask, rather than landing onto surfaces or those around you. This helps to keep transmission of viruses at a low, as infections commonly spread through respiratory droplets.

What are the 3 layers of surgical mask?

Our surgical facemasks are '3-ply', meaning they are made up of three layers for extra protection. 3-ply face masks feature an inner absorbent layer, a middle melt-blown layer, and an outer hydrophobic layer.

The outer hydrophobic non-woven layer repels all fluids and the middle melt-blown layer prevents germs from entering (or exiting) the mask.


How do you put on a surgical face mask? (use existing ‘how to use’ text)

These surgical masks come with a simple ear loop that you slip on over each ear. Its patented SecureFit technology will secure the mask over your mouth. Please adjust accordingly so that it covers your mouth and nose whilst in use.

If you have been exposed to airborne liquids or sprays, the mask's protective barrier will absorb these to prevent them from entering your airways.

Please ensure that you dispose of your mask after use. If you have been outside with your mask, please dispose of your mask in a separate bag or bin and wash your hands thoroughly. Do not reuse the mask after use.

Always use a new mask each time to ensure maximum hygiene and wash your hands after use.

Which side of the surgical mask faces out?

Thanks to the different colours, it’s easy to tell what side of the surgical mask must face out. The blue side faces outwards, and the white side must touch your face.

How long can you wear a surgical face mask?

There are no set guidelines that state how long you can wear a surgical face mask for. However, for best practise, it is not recommended to wear one for longer than five hours. You must also dispose of the one you are wearing if you touch the inside of it or take it off to eat or drink. You should also replace it if you get it wet or dirty.

Are clinical face masks reusable?

Surgical face masks are disposable, meaning they can only be worn once. Once you’ve taken the disposable mask off, it is recommended to put a new one on.

How do you clean a surgical face mask?

Surgical face masks are designed for one use only; the non-woven fabrics they are made out of will not withstand a cleaning routine. For this reason, always put on a new surgical face mask, rather than attempting to clean and reuse your current one.

What is the difference between surgical masks and respiratory masks? (use existing text)

These clinical masks are designed to prevent sprays and droplets from entering your mouth or nose airways. They are also useful in preventing you from touching your nose or mouth. This is a common way of spreading viruses such as Coronavirus.

It is important to remember that these masks will not provide the user with an impenetrable protective filter against small airborne particles like those produced from close proximity sneezes, or coughs. They are, however, effective at a distance.

Respirator Masks can provide the user with greater protection and are graded differently to these masks and are more applicable to healthcare workers, or individuals that are in regular, close proximity with large groups of people.


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