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Hand Sanitiser


A fast and effective anti-bacterial hand sanitising gel that dries in seconds and leaves your hands hygienically clean. Perfect for on the go. Contains 70% alcohol and Made in the UK.

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Is hand sanitiser effective against COVID-19 and other viruses?

Hand sanitisers provide a very efficient way of maintaining consistent personal hygiene and protecting yourself from spreading or picking up viruses such as Coronavirus, especially when soap and water is not accessible.

How to use hand sanitiser

Apply a small amount to the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together. Ensure you rub your hands and fingers until dry.

Hand sanitiser vs washing hands

Current Public Health for England guidelines, as well as those set out by the CDC (the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention) indicate that people must wash their hands with soap and water on a regular basis. This is advised to prevent the spread of viruses and diseases. In the instance where soap and water is not available, alcohol-based hand sanitisers are suggested as a viable alternative.

If you are able to wash your hands with soap and water, and using the correct technique, it is still advisable to carry hand sanitiser with you, especially if you are on the go.

Using a hand sanitiser whilst on the move can be a very useful and efficient way of protecting yourself from spreading or contracting viruses.

The most effective practice for avoiding the spread of viruses like Coronavirus would be to wash your hands with soap and water regularly, utilising the correct technique, and to keep hand sanitiser gel with you.

What is the difference between alcohol and non-alcohol hand sanitisers?

The more alcohol in the sanitiser, the more germs it will kill. A lot of healthcare research has shown that many alcohol-free sanitisers do not kill all types of germs, meaning it will not be effective in keeping you safe.

What should I do if my hand sanitiser gives me a rash?

Unfortunately, hand sanitisers with high alcohol contents may dry out your skin. In worst case scenarios, overuse of the hand sanitiser may give you a rash. This is particularly the case if you are prone to dry or irritated skin.

If your hand sanitiser gives you a rash, stop using it immediately and wash your hands with soap and water whenever possible. It may be worth finding a hand sanitiser with a lower alcohol content if you do not have access to soap and water.

Do hand sanitisers have an expiration date?

Most hand sanitisers will last for 2 to 3 years before expiring. This is because, after this time, the alcohol contents will start to dissolve and lose its effectiveness. Please check the sanitisers packaging for more guidance on its expiration date.

Where should hand sanitiser be stored?

As alcohol-based sanitisers are highly flammable, store it in a secure cool place, far away from any possible ignition or heat source.

Is hand sanitiser dangerous for children?

When it comes to protecting children from germs, washing their hands with soap and warm water is the best solution. However, when out and about, children can use hand sanitiser with caution. Hand sanitiser is only dangerous for children when swallowed.

Please supervise children at all times when using hand sanitiser, as swallowing even the tiniest amount may result in alcohol poisoning.


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