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BioSURE HIV Testing Kit


BioSURE kits are proven to be 99.7% accurate in testing for HIV. Feel confident in your results.

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What is BioSURE?

BioSURE is a HIV self testing kit, which will provide you with test results within 15 minutes. Samples are not required to be posted to a laboratory, leaving you with more control and comfort to test whenever and wherever is most convenient for you. BioSURE tests are 99.7% accurate. If you are found to have a positive result, it is mandatory to get your result confirmed with a healthcare professional.

How to use BioSURE HIV testing kit?

Please ensure that the instructions, inside your kit, are followed. Click here for a visual aid.


Find and remove the buffer pot from the end of the test device. Place buffer pot in the hole in the tray.


Remove cover. Place the red pad of lancet on side of finger. Push the lancet down until it 'clicks'. You can squeeze to make the drop bigger.


Touch the tip of your test onto the drop of blood. The tip will automatically fill.


Push the tip of your test through the foil lid into the buffer pot. PUSH DOWN HARD. You must make sure that you push completely down to the bottom of the buffer pot.

Now wait. You need to time 15 minutes. After about 3 minutes, CHECK to make sure your test is running. If your test is running, you will see the colour moving up the test strip. If not, push the test down to the bottom of the buffer pot.


My test has...

1 LINE - my test result is NEGATIVE

2 LINES - my test result is POSITIVE. You must have a positive test result confirmed by a healthcare professional.

NO LINES - my test did NOT work

Warnings and Precautions

BioSURE HIV Self Test may not detect HIV infections that have occurred within the last 3 months.

BioSURE HIV Self Test is simple to perform and extremely accurate but only if you perform the test correctly. It is essential you carefully read and follow all of the instructions.

BioSURE HIV Self Test must be stored at room temperature, but not above 30°C as this will affect the test performance. Do not store in direct sunlight or above a radiator.

BioSURE HIV Self Test is not suitable if you are receiving active antiretroviral treatment (ART).

BioSURE HIV Self Test will only work with a sample of whole human blood.

Wash your hands and ensure they are clean and dry before starting the test.

Ensure the environment where you will perform the test is light and bright so you can perform your test and read the results easily.

Before opening your BioSURE HIV Self Test foil pouch check that it is not damaged. Do not use your test if the pouch is torn or perforated in any way.

Before using your BioSURE HIV Self Test, check that the expiry date of the test has not passed.

Do not open the BioSURE HIV Self Test foil pouch until you are ready to perform the test.

Do not read your test result after 1 hour of performing the test.

BioSURE HIV Self Test is a single use, disposable IVD test device. (IVD means In Vitro Diagnostic device, a diagnostic test that is performed outside of a living body).

If your result is positive you should contact your local sexual health clinic or healthcare professional who will perform a confirmatory HIV test and provide advice.

If your test is negative it does not mean you are definitely not infected with HIV, especially if your exposure may have occurred within the past 3 months. If you engage in activities that increase your risk of exposure to HIV you should test regularly.


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Patient Information

Before taking any medication, it is important to read the Patient Information Leaflet. You can find the information by searching for your treatment on Medicines.org.uk.

If you have any questions about your treatment please refer to Medicines.org.uk or contact us.

BioSURE HIV Testing Kit Patient Information Leaflet

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