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Rizatriptan is a proven treatment for people who suffer from migraine attacks, designed to ease the underlying cause of these debilitating headaches.

This is a generic product, therefore depending on availability, the brand you receive may not be the same as the one pictured.

Rizatriptan 10mg


What is Rizatriptan?

Rizatriptan is an effective and efficient migraine relief medication which belongs to a class of medicines known as triptans. Like other medications such as Imigran, Sumatriptan and Zolmitriptan, Rizatriptan contains the active ingredient sumatriptan succinate. Rizatriptan is proven in treating both the symptoms and the cause of a migraine attack effectively.

Triptans are not the same as painkillers as they don’t just mask pain. Instead they serve to tackle the dilating blood vessels considered to be a primary cause of migraines.

Rizatriptan and other triptans are serotonin 5-HT receptor agonists. In simple terms this means that they act to narrow blood vessels in the brain, stopping blood from flowing around the brain at high pressure and preventing pain signals being sent to the brain. They also block the release of natural substances which cause pain and nausea.

Why Rizatriptan?

Approximately 20 per cent of women and 7 per cent of men experience migraines. Migraines are much more than just intense headaches, and can be very debilitating. Rizatriptan is an effective method of treatment. Thanks to the active ingredient sumatriptan succinate, Rizatriptan is fast-acting in treating even migraine symptoms such as sensitivity to light and noise, nausea and neck and shoulder discomfort. Rizatriptan treats the symptoms of migraine attacks while tackling the migraine at source.

What is the difference between Rizatriptan and Imigran?

Rizatriptan is an affordable and effective migraine relief medication. While its branded alternative, Imigran, is perhaps better known, Rizatriptan is medically equivalent to Imigran and should be considered equally effective in treating migraines.

How to use Rizatriptan

Rizatriptan can be used by anyone over the age of 18 who is suffering from migraine attacks. It can be taken with or without food.

The maximum daily dosage for Rizatriptan is two doses, with dosage varying depending on the strength of the migraine and the individual themselves. These doses can take the form of:

  • 5mg — 2x 5mg tablets a day
  • 10mg — 2x 10mg tablets a day
  • 10mg — 2x 10mg orodispersible tablets a day
  • 10mg — 2x 10mg oral lyophilisates a day

Take an initial lower strength dose of 5mg of Rizatriptan at the onset of migraine symptoms. Some patients may require 10mg. If after the first dose your symptoms are reduced but they later resurface, a second dose can be taken at least two hours after the first. If the first tablet has no effect, a second dose should not be taken.

Choosing strength

10mg is the usual dose of Rizatriptan. Individuals who are currently taking propranolol or who have kidney or liver problems should stick to the 5mg dose. If you are unsure which dose is right for you, contact your GP or the team at Express Pharmacy on 0208 123 0703.

Side Effects

Like any prescription medication, there is a slight risk of side effects when using Rizatriptan. These are usually mild and resolve themselves without further treatment.

Side effects may include:

  • Dizziness and fatigue
  • Flushing
  • Heaviness sensations in the chest
  • Short term increase in blood pressure
  • Nausea
  • Dry throat

For further information regarding the potential side effects of Rizatriptan, check the patient information leaflet contained within the medication packaging.


Drinking alcohol whilst using Rizatriptan to treat migraines can make it more likely that you will suffer side effects of the medication. You should also consult your GP before taking Rizatriptan if you are currently taking any other prescription or non-prescription medication. Do not use Rizatriptan alongside any other migraine relief drug.


Medication Quantity Price
Rizatriptan 10mg 3 £13.00
Rizatriptan 10mg 6 £22.00

Patient Information

Always read the patient information leaflet before commencing treatment. The patient information can be found here .

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