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Zolmitriptan Orodispersible

Zolmitriptan Orodispersible is a fast-acting migraine treatment for those who struggle to swallow medication in tablet form. Zolmitriptan has similar effectiveness and mechanism of action to other leading migraine relief medications such as Sumatriptan and Imigran.


What is Zolmitriptan Orodispersible?

Zolmitriptan is a popular and effective choice of treatment for migraine relief, and Zolmitriptan Orodispersible offers an alternative option to the more widely used tablet form.

Zolmitriptan belongs to a group of medicines called triptans. Triptans aim to reverse changes in the brain that can cause migraines. It is thought that the swelling of blood vessels in the brain, which causes the build up of pressure. Zolmitriptan Orodispersible stimulates the serotonin receptors in the brain, encouraging the blood vessels to contract and ease this pressure.

Through this process, Zolmitriptan Orodispersible can work to treat migraine attacks at source. This medication has also been found to ease symptoms of severe migraine attacks such as noise sensitivity, light sensitivity, nausea and neck pain can be eased with Zolmitriptan Orodispersible.

Why choose an orodispersible medication?

Dysphasia is a common problem among large numbers of people in the UK. It refers to the difficulty some people have when it comes to swallowing. This condition can make taking necessary medication difficult, as drug delivery through the oral route is the most common way to administer treatments for conditions such as migraines.

Zolmitriptan Orodispersible dissolves quickly in the mouth, making it as easy to swallow as liquid.

Choosing Strength

It is advised to start with a lower strength dosage of Zolmitriptan Orodispersible. This recommended dose is 2.5mg. If necessary, the dose can be doubled, and if you feel like this lower dose is not sufficiently controlling your symptoms, you may require a higher dose of 5mg.

If you are unsure which dosage of Zolmitriptan Orodispersible is suitable to your migraine symptoms, contact the Patient Support Team on 0208 123 0703.

How to use Zolmitriptan Orodispersible

The maximum daily dose of Zolmitriptan Orodispersible is 10 milligrams. This equates to a maximum of either:

  • 4x 2.5mg orodispersible tablets a day
  • 2x 5mg orodispersible tablets a day

Zolmitriptan Orodispersible is suitable to adults over 18 years of age who are suffering with migraine attacks. An initial dose of the medication should be taken as soon as symptoms begin to present themselves, but not before as Zolmitriptan Orodispersble is not a preventative treatment.

If your symptoms are reduced but later flare up again, a second dose can be taken after at least two hours. If the treatment has no effect on your migraine symptoms, do not take a second dose. Instead, contact your GP or the Express Pharmacy team for further advice.

Side Effects

The potential side effects of Zolmitriptan include:

  • Pressure or heaviness in any part of your body
  • Pain or pressure in the throat
  • Drowsiness and weakness
  • Mild tingling under the skin
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea

The side effects are usually mild and go away on their own without intervention. Many people are able to use the medication without any of these side effects occurring.

For further information about the possible side effects you may experience as a result of taking Zolmitriptan Orodispersible, consult the patient information leaflet included in the packaging.


Medication Quantity Price
Zolmitriptan 2.5mg Orodispersible 6 £18.99
Zolmitriptan 5mg Orodispersible 6 £16.00

Patient Information

Always read the patient information leaflet before commencing treatment. The patient information can be found here .

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