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Mefenamic Acid

Mefenamic Acid is a fast-acting medication that relieves pain and discomfort. Mefenamic Acid is most popularly used to treat period pain.

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What is Period Pain?

Period pain is a normal part of a women’s menstrual cycle. It is often felt as painful muscle cramps in the lower abdomen which can spread to the back. The pain is caused by the muscles in the womb tightening, which compresses the lining of your womb; temporarily cutting off the blood supply, triggering pain in the abdominal area.

The most common symptom suffered by women are lower stomach cramps and pain. These can be experiences as a constant pain or intense spasms. However, these symptoms may vary each month, affecting different parts of the body including thighs, lower back and hips. However, the associated symptoms may also be headaches.

Mefenamic Acid can be used to treat period pain by reducing inflammation and provides an effective pain relief.

It is advised not to take Mefenamic acid if you smoke or drink, and are taking other NSAIDs at the same time, such as Ibuprofen. Furthermore, long-term use of Mefenamic acid is not recommended as it may increase the risk of its side effects. One tablet is to be taken three times a day, for a maximum of three days. If your symptoms do not improve, please seek further advice from a doctor or healthcare professional. You may discuss any further information about the treatments available with our patient support team on or 020 8123 0703.

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