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Cystitis is a common UTI which typically affects women. It can cause pain when urinating and discomfort in the stomach.

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Emergency Contraception

The emergency contraceptive pill is commonly known as the Morning After Pill. It reduces the risk of unwanted pregnancy when taken after unprotected sex.

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Female Contraception

Oral contraceptive pills are taken once a day to help prevent pregnancy. This type of contraception is commonly known as ‘The Pill’.

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Period Delay

Norethisterone cleverly delays the start date of your period when taken correctly. This is ideal for when your period may cause an inconvenience to your lifestyle.

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Period Pain

Typically causing cramps in the lower abdomen, period pain is a normal part of a woman's menstrual cycle. Effective pain relief can successfully treat this.

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Unwanted Facial Hair

Unwanted facial hair can cause distress amongst many women, especially if it is darker and thicker than usual.

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